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We love what we do and we do what we love. We are looking for young enthusiasts and dreamers who seek more than what they have. We are in search of those who are not just satisfied with what they have; rather they are looking for something more and great.

Our work ethics is very simple, the more you contribute the more you will earn. Push your limits and we will appreciate your efforts with a big reward.

So how you can earn with us ?

Here are some terms and conditions you need to look out for to work with us –
  • The rules are simple. More share means more money, meaning you give us large audience and we will give you large benefits.
  • Share any of our blog you want and we will give you the 20% money of how much views you get us. 1000 views means 200rs.
  • Before starting, you have to fill the form or contact us on our mail id and notify us which blog you are sharing.
  • Minimum payout is on 100 views. As soon as you reach 100 views, we will pay you.
  • After 100 views, the next payout is at 1000 views.
  • After 100 views, we will give you a month to get us 900 more views and as soon as you touch the 1000 mark, we will pay you 180rs more.
  • If views are less than 100 or 1000 than no money will be paid.
  • After 1000 views if you still promote the blog and make it reach to 1500+, we will reward you with special prizes.
  • We will share the google analytics screenshot every Wednesday with you to keep check of the progress.

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For any queries, Contact us at –

  • Violation of any terms will get you sacked out of this program.
  • Company holds all the rights to change any terms and conditions at any time. You will be notified about the changes made.

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