Paytm Uses Jeff Bezos Secret For Success Two Pizza Rule

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At the business insider global trends festival 2020, Paytm CEO for payments Manmeet Dhody revealed that Paytm secret to success is akin to billionaire Jeff Bezos- building ‘two pizza’ rule.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is the world’s richest man with an estimated net worth of $190 billion. During the early days of amazon, Bezos had introduced a ‘two-pizzas’ rule. That’s why Paytm too applies in the organization. 

According to Bezos, no matter how big a company gets, individual teams shouldn’t be larger what two pizzas can feed. Bezos explain the two-pizza rule: internal teams in organizations should be small enough so that they can be with just two pizzas. The idea is to improve efficiency and scalability.

It is something that Paytm does as well, according to its chief technology officer (CTO). Paytm generally, as per the report has 6-8 members in a team. As per the business report, dhody said about the two-pizza rule that “in my mind is the most efficient organizational designs for structuring teams”.

Dhody further said that small team are more efficient in asserting ownerships over particular domains. The two-pizza rule at Paytm means that teams are “single owners of that domain. Nobody else in the organization owns that domain”.

Bezos had applied the two-pizza rule initially for meetings and making them more productive. The more number of people in a meeting is likely to stretch for longer hours and hence reduce efficiency of people. He only spends just six hours meeting with the big investors of amazon.

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