Google Anti-trust Fight, CEO Sundar Pichai Into The Line Of Fire

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Google the world-famous American multinational company's CEO Sundar Pichai succeeded Larry page as the head of google's present company in December, was handed a bag of problems: on Tuesday, the justice department accused Google of being " a monopoly gatekeeper of the internet," one that uses anticompetitive tactics to protect and strengthen its dominant hold over web search and search advertising. Even in the pandemic and in the time of recession google generated vast profits, earlier investigations by government regulators on five continents now face the first truly existential crisis in its 22-year history. 

What is an anti-trust case is?

The united states department of justice(DOJ) sued google on Tuesday, alleging that the company had abused its dominant position in a way that had harmed its competitors as well as customers. eleven US states have joined the DOJ in the antitrust lawsuit against google “for unlawfully maintaining a monopoly and search advertising”.

Also “google achieved vast success in its early years, and no one begrudges about that, but as the anti-trust complaint filed today explains, that it has built its monopoly power through exclusionary practice that harms competitors and customers. The panel said that these companies like google apple facebook are now acting as a gatekeeper over a key channel of distribution, which meant that they had full control over what went on in respective domains. 

Previous legal action on google 

The last time google faced legal action for allegedly abusing its dominance in the search market was almost a decade ago –in 2011, where the federal trade commission (FTC) was acting on a complaint filed by a Washington-based non-profit research agency, electronic privacy information center.
Pichai wrote “ security is nothing new for Google, and we look forward to presenting our case," " I've had googlers ask me how they can help, and my answer is simple: keep doing what you're doing." 
Pichai 48, is expected to make the case – as he has for some time that the company is not a monopoly even though it has a 92% global market share of internet searches. 

Amit Mehta judge for google’s Anti-trust case

The justice department's Antitrust lawsuits against google have a judge: Obama appointee Amit Mehta, who was assigned the case Wednesday morning in US district court for the District of Columbia. Mehta was appointed to the court in December 2014 and vow in 2015. notable rulings include one in 2019 saying that lawmakers should get their subpoenaed financial records of President Donald Trump. 

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