Sri Lanka Offers To Host IPL 2020 Amid COVID-19 Crisis

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IPL should begin on March 29. Be that as it may, because of the worldwide pandemic, Cricket authorities needed to delay competition for well being reasons. When the entire nation is experiencing a record-breaking risky pandemic, how might anybody consider diversion by placing the life of players in harm's way?

As of late, Sri lanka Cricket board president 'Shammi Silva' gave a proposition to the BCCI. As everybody realizes that BCCI, establishments, and patrons need to endure a great deal of misfortune if IPL got dropped. It could be a great many dollars.

'If IPL is called off, BCCI and IPL stakeholders will have to bear a loss of more than USD 500 Million. So, it will be beneficial for them to conduct the league in another country as they did in 2009 in South Africa,' said Silva.

SriLanka cricket board realizes that IPL is a lucrative competition. What's more, if BCCI acknowledges their proposition of facilitating IPL in Sri Lanka. At that point it will be advantageous for them monetarily and from numerous points of view. That is the reason the Sri Lanka board is prepared to satisfy all the necessities.

'If we get the go-ahead from them to this proposal. We are ready to provide all the facilities necessary under the supervision of Sri Lankan health authorities,' he added.

Is Sri Lanka Safe than India: 

Sri Lanka is a little nation with practically 2.15 Crore populace. Until further notice, the principle issue is COVID-19 and in India it's cases are expanding radically and traversed India with 448 passing.

In Sri Lanka, There are just 238 complete instances of COVID-19 and 7 Deaths.

This is far superior than some other nation. By observing these figures, anybody can say for the present Sri Lanka is a more secure side in contrast with India and some other nation on the planet.

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