Aakash Chopra - Dhoni's India Comeback Not Dependent On IPL

Mahendra Singh Dhoni hasn't played any official cricket coordinate since the semi-last of the World Cup a year ago. The fans had wanted to see the previous Indian chief in real life at the IPL this season. Yet, with the competition currently been deferred, there is vulnerability over his rebound. As of late, the cricketer turned reporter Aakash Chopra offered his input on Dhoni's rebound.

Aakash Chopra said that if people are thinking that Dhoni’s international comeback is dependent on his IPL performance, then it is a huge misconception. Chopra further said that if his IPL performance has to be taken into account while deciding whether he should play for India or not, then it is not right.

“It’s a huge misconception that Dhoni’s comeback to the Indian team was dependent on his performance in the IPL,” Chopra said as quoted by Hindustan Times. “If that is how we will view Dhoni as a player and his career and what he has achieved as a player, then I think we are just knocking at the wrong door because it’s not right.”

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Chopra further said that if the team management wants to have Dhoni back in the team, then he will be. However, he also said that if the IPL and T20 World Cup doesn’t happen this year, then it could be a problem. In that situation, Dhoni would have already missed 18 months of cricketing action, which will then make it difficult for him to play for India again.

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“See, if the team wants him to play, all that will happen. But if the IPL doesn’t take place this year, the T20 World Cup doesn’t happen this year, (then), of course, he will be a year older; and with him out of the cricket for more than 18 months, you can assume that you might not see him play again for India”, the former Indian opener said.

Dhoni's global rebound has been a lot of a discussion throughout the previous hardly any months. The ICC T20 World Cup is planned to begin on October 18. Notwithstanding, thinking about the present circumstance, it appears to be profoundly improbable that the competition will be played during that time.

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