Tik Tok Banned in India | Gets Removed from Play Store and App Store

Video creating and sharing platform TikTok is battling new fires every day. After the Madras High Court ordered a ban on it, tech giants Google and Apple removed the application from the Android and iOS application stores. The move increased the heat on TikTok which has been under the scanner for a number of highly publicised incidents that have led to increased calls for bans against it. 

TikTok for its part has called the ban as a move that "amounts to curtailing of the rights of the citizens of India...who have been using the platform every day to express themselves and create content." The company has also claimed that only a tiny proportion of TikTok videos have been flagged showing that a "very minuscule" proportion of its content was considered inappropriate or obscene. 

The popular video creating and sharing app, has been in the news for the wrong reasons for a while now. Despite enjoying a loyal following of millions of fans across the globe, the app has faced its fair share of criticism, and a seemingly endless stream of controversies has ensured that there have been quite a few calls for it to be banned --  calls that appear to have been answered with the Madras High Court banning the app within the country. 

TikTok which has amassed 120 million monthly users in India -- up from some 50 million it had five months ago -- has faced this backlash because of some high profile incidents that have shown the platform in poor light and resulted in India joining the growing list of countries -- including Bangladesh and Indonesia.

Considering some of the seriously dangerous events happened in past over making tik tok videos, one such is shooting a friend, I feel safety is most important. And everything is well till it doesn’t becomes addiction and this one also became quite an addiction in youth.

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