Kangana is one of the best actress of Bollywood | Karan Johar

Ever since Kangana Ranaut called out nepotism on Koffee with Karan, and stirred up a debate which has engulfed the Industry, the tussle between Kangana and Karan Johar has been cropping up time and again. Kangana stood ground and continued to speak about how such practices prevented genuine talent from making a mark in the Industry and Johar and his allies also took various digs at Kangana including interviews and award shows. 

But, recently, in an interview, Johar reportedly lauded Kangana, called her one of the best in the Industry and even said that he would be comfortable directing Kangana. As per reports, in a segment in a recent chat show, Karan Johar was asked by the CEO of Dharma Productions and very close friend Apoorva Mehta, whether he would be comfortable directing Kangana anytime soon. Much to the surprise of everyone, Karan promptly replied, “Yes, for sure. Kangana is one of the best actresses we have.”

Interestingly a couple of months ago, Karan Johar also said that he had no problem working with Kangana and now he admitted that she is one of the best actress.
This is definitely a surprising as it sounds that Karan Johar the nepotism flag bearer of the industry is finally applauding someone who is against him and leaves no chance to criticize him or his loved one star kids. But overall it will be good to see if Karan wants to end the war with Queen of Bollywood.

Let’s wait for the comment of Kangana on this matter, does she feel the same or she doesn’t want to collaborate with Dharma at all.

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