Inspirational Talk #1 Struggle With Low Self-Esteem

Recently one of the girl has asked me a question that “I am 22 year old. I am different from others, seem plain and simple and I do not have a boyfriend since school. Is something wrong with me?”

So you must be wondering how can a girl 22 year old is not in a relationship yet. At least that is what my male friends are thinking of. LOL!

But sadly my friends this is the dark reality of today’s time. Today the happiness is measured in terms of how cool you are or how many objects you own.

Like in boys the measurement of coolness, how many girls are you with or how many things you own. In addition, nowadays the most common one going on is how often do you drink and smoke.

Now, think deeply about these things for one second. Do all these things really give you happiness or you are just faking it to show the outer world that how happy you are.

You have often heard a quote that happiness is overrated. However, today I am going to uncover one harsh truth for all of you. My friend happiness is underrated.

Like in this girl’s case, she is unhappy because she does not have a boyfriend and she thinks too low of herself. Her low self-esteem about herself is the reason she is unhappy. Moreover, she thinks that something is wrong with her because she is plain and simple.

Therefore, you wonder, how much wrong she is. She thinks that having a boyfriend can make her happy. My friend, there is only one person on whom you should depend for happiness and that person is only YOU.

You should be strong enough that no one else can have any effect on you. You should not be affected either by their presence or by their absence. You should be happy with yourself of whatever you. You must understand that you are one of God’s best creation so under any circumstance you should not think worse of you, because remember you are the best creation.

Therefore, have a strong self-esteem and remember that other’s actions or the absence should not affect you in any manner. If someone has left you that means someone else, who deserves you more is out there and you will meet the one soon. Moreover, do not ever worry that others are cool and you are not.

What if they are just faking around you, and in reality they are even in worse condition than you are. So just, try to be happy always in any condition. Happiness is the only way to cure every problem and every situation. So always stay happy and spread happiness.

Friends that’s all for today. I will soon come up with another inspirational talk.
Waiting for your suggestions here.

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