Imran Khan Commented Over Pulwama Attack | Request To Cancel India Vs Pakistan Match In World Cup

Denying any role in Pulwama attack, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan today said it would take action against the perpetrators of the terror attack if India shares actionable proof about any wrongdoing, but warned against any retaliatory action on his country.

"Pakistan offers full support for any investigation in Pulwama. I guarantee action on this," Prime Minister Imran Khan.

"It is in our interest that nobody from our soil spreads violence. I want to tell Indian government that we will take action if evidence is found against anyone from Pakistan," Imran said. 

He said that he has come across calls for attack on Pakistan through the Indian media.

"I know it's a poll season in India. If India will attack us we will surely retaliate. It is easy to start a war but difficult to end. The issue should be solved through dialogue," he said.

"India has blamed Pakistan without any proof. Pakistan has nothing to gain from this attack. Pakistan is moving towards peace and stability. This is new Pakistan and new thinking that doesn't support terrorism,” he added.

Also amid everything going on, one special request has been made.

Suresh Bafna, the secretary of CCI (Cricket Club of India), has asked BCCI to denounce matches against Pakistan in the upcoming World Cup.

So what do you think about everything going on. Should we reply to Imran Khan’s comments with a hardcore attack on Pakistan or we should just reply their attack by once again stop playing with their cricket team and banning their actors.

What’s your take on this. Let us know.

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