How To Get The Blue Tick On Instagram Instantly

Well nowadays, We guess every smart phone user uses Instagram for sure. We know you all always wonder that is it possible for us to get the blue verification batch or the blue tick on your Instagram account. Well the reality is that getting a blue tick on your account is actually possible but you'll have to work a little hard for that.

Most of us think that the blue tags are given to only those accounts, which has more than million followers, but the reality is that even 1000 followers can get a verification batch.

Well contrary to our misconception that to get a blue tick one has to get a million followers, however Instagram gives the blue tick to those accounts, which are popular. If the user’s account has a good reach, posts average life, average story views, number of profile views etc.

To get this blue tick on your account you got to follow these steps –

  • Download the app tech paradise Insta stats - you can check your Instagram profile statistics using this app.
  • After installing the application, do login with your Instagram account.
  • After that go to menu and go to user statistics and here you can see all the stats - total likes total comments average likes and average comment per post.
  •  For becoming eligible for the blue tick all of your stats must be green in color.
  • Another important thing is, make your Instagram account a business account so it is a mandatory step if you want a blue verified batch on your account.
  • Making your Instagram account a business account is very easy and 100% free process just go to Instagram settings and enable business account.
  • As soon as your all stats goes green in that app, you will get an email regarding the blue tick on your Instagram profile.
  • Till then ask your followers to share your content maximum, and as soon as your growth rate increases automatically your stats will turn green.

So this is an amazing way to get your account verified with a blue tick badge. So what are you waiting for. Get this blue tick badge on your profile now and enjoy a huge followers base on Instagram.

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